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BoydsBengals Heart Breaker of Carolina Bengals (Hemi)

studpic1  studpic2

                                                                                                                                    Photos credit to Melody Boyd

This boy has it all!  He is incredibly handsome and sweet as can be.  He has beautiful rosettes 

with a light, super clear background color.  He is certainly the biggest lap lover we have 

ever had!  We just love his personality which he passes off to his kittens! 

Thank you Melody Boyd for trusting us with this boy!


Luxury Lex Double Vision of Carolina Bengals (Diesel)


This beautiful boy comes to us from Russia.  He has tons of beautifully

outlined donut rosettes and a clear background!  He produces stunning kittens! 


Whiskey River 

IMG 0317 

Introducing our newest Stud Whiskey.  He is stunning!  

We are excited to see what he produces!

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