Owners Cherie and Bill Hubbard, Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area

Call- 919-267-6107-(Landline) Between 9am-9pm EST

or call/text cell at- 631-813-9197

Send us an email: carolinabengalcats@gmail.com

Welcome to Carolina Bengals Cattery!

IMG_0188    We are a small in home Exotic Leopard Bengal Cattery where all of our Kings, Queens and Bengal kittens live with us in our home.  I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and continue to practice here in North Carolina.  My husband Bill is a retired stay-at-home dad who tends to the kittens and parents while I am taking care of my patients at work.  Between my husband, myself and our children, our Exotic Bengal Cats and Kittens get an enormous amount of love and attention.  Our babies are almost never left alone.  My husband and I even take separate vacations to ensure our Breeders and babies get the best care anyone can provide!   

     At Carolina Bengals Cattery we have some of the finest lines you will find in a Bengal Cat.   We have imported many of our top Breeding cats from around the world.  Once here with us they are all tested to make sure they do not carry any form of genetic defect that can be passed down to their babies.  We also have echocardiograms done on our breeding cats to ensure they do not have any heart issues. 

  We have the most beautiful, exotic Bengal Cats and Kittens for sale.  We specialize in Tri Colored Brown Rosetted Bengal Kittens as well as Snow (White) color Bengals.     We are excited to be adding Silver Bengal kittens to our breeding program soon!  Stay turned!  We have produced and placed Therapy quality Bengal kittens too!  We are located in the beautiful Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, although we place our Bengal Cats and Kittens all over the world!  We have some of the most sought after Bengals in the United States.  We pride ourselves in breeding the best of the best!

All of our kittens are well socialized and tamed.  They are raised in our home with our children, two dogs and all the non-stop activity that goes along with it.  Each kitten is held several times per day.  Our kittens are never caged!   We are currently feeding Instinct dry food as well as mixing in freeze dried Chicken pieces.   We also give them a raw chicken mixture three times per day.  Our kittens are started on a raw diet to give them the best start in life!   They also get cooked chicken pieces and rare roast beef as treats.  We spare no expense with our Bengals!

14003Bengals tend to be the most hypoallergenic cat which make them an ideal pet for the allergy suffers. I am one of them and have not had allergies to any of my Bengals.    We have kittens for sale all year long.  If you're looking for a Bengal Cat or Kitten we encourage you to call and make an appointment to come and visit our cattery. If you want the best Exotic looking kitten with an incredible personality then look no further!  We welcome visitors to come and visit our babies anytime.  We only ask for minimal notice so we can make sure we set enough time aside to give our undivided attention to you and your family!! 

                         What makes Us so different from the rest?

  Well, in a quick summery....We give you the healthiest, well socialized and most beautiful Bengal we can!   We pour our hearts and souls into breeding the perfect Bengal for your family!  When we first started breeding we decided we wanted to give everyone the wow factor as far as looks.  We worked long and hard but finally got the look we wanted!   Along with the beauty, we ensured that the health of our male and female breeders are as perfect as we could possibly get them.  They are tested for PRA, PKDef, feline leukemia and feline aids prior to breeding.  We are happy to say that none of our breeders carry for any illness.   Our breeders are also free of heart murmurs and produce very healthy kittens!  Through our breeding journey we learned that we wanted to give everyone exactly what we would want in return from other breeders...the perfect Bengal!!

We have kittens all over the USA including but not limited to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Main, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, California,  Puerto Rico, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois and Nevada just to name a few.  



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