Owners Cherie and Bill Hubbard, Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area
Call Phone 919-267-6107 Between 9am-9pm EST
Send us an email: carolinabengalcats@gmail.com


We have 1 Male kitten available!---Two new litters due soon!


Visit Carolina Bengals Facebook page to see more past kitten pictures and updates!!  



Litter L- Our eyes are now open!

Born 2/9/2019

Prince Lincoln


 Princess Luna

Status-Adopted by Jennifer and Brandon!

Princess Lexus (Lexi) 

Status-Adopted by Jessica and Dan!

Prince Leonardo (Leo)

Status-Adopted by Raegan, Eric and family!

Prince Lazar

Status-Adopted by Amanda!


Litter M-Our eyes are open too!

Born 2/13/2019 

Princess Mia 

Status-Adopted by John and Amy!

Princess Misty 

Status-Adopted by Amy!

Princess Molly

Status-Adopted by Rochelle and Ray!

Prince Monti

Status-Adopted by Rochelle and Ray!

Prince Mambo

Status-Adopted by John and Amy!

Prince Montana

Status-Adopted by Kevin and Kristy!



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